Monday, June 7, 2010

Smoothies, Yummy!

This past weekend, I did a little retail therapy and purchased a smoothie maker. I decided to take Yoplait up on it's sweet deal (with my coupons of course) and I purchased their pre-made smoothie mixes for .48 each (normally $2.48 each). Anyway, each package makes 2 smoothies and they are delicious. There are three flavors (today I had Strawberry Mango Pineapple) and I was full until lunch! They are yummy and pretty good for you. Once my pre-made packages are gone, I'll definitely jump on this bandwagon and come up with my own creations. I've always liked smoothies but I never really thought about making them at home. This was a yummy new adventure and I'm excited to say it's likely to become a new trend around this house! At the end of the month, I'll start giving some to Lucy because her pediatrician wants her to start milk products at 11 months or so.

All of that to say, jump on the bandwagon... THEY ARE YUMMY AND HEALTHY!!!

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The Perpetual Student said...

I love smoothies! I make them in the blender with strawberry yogurt, and I throw in frozen barries and frozen bananas - very yummy and inexpensive if you buy the yogurt in a tub. Rollo even gets to lick the glasses when we're done!

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