Thursday, June 3, 2010

liar, liar, pants on fire

I feel confident that I am not the only mother to experience this, so I decided to write about my frustrations. How many more times will my child make me look like a liar? For now, it's simple stuff. She talks to me all day and mimics me well. I really think that she already understands at least 8-10 words that I'm saying and can pretty much mimic them with my encouragement. But only when it's me. When my husband gets home and I say, "She can say 'love' now," Lucy just smiles and doesn't say a word. She does this with a lot of things. She crawled for me a full three weeks before she would for anyone else. The other day she took some steps on her own but hasn't done it for anyone else. All of these things aren't that big of deal. The must frustrating part comes when we've had an awful day. Lucy is already a bit of a drama queen and her world comes to an end when you take away the remote control or when you won't let her have the spoon while you feed her. She is a sweet girl but she is SO impatient (I don't know where she gets it :D). Anyway, I can e-mail or text my husband at work and tell him  that she has cried all day or that I can't seem to make her happy. But when the phone rings or someone else walks in the door (Grammy or Uncle Topher or Daddy), she dissolves into giggles and is fine. SERIOUSLY?! Thankfully, today was not one of those days. Thankfully, today she was my sweet and loving Lucy bug and I was the best mommy she could ever ask for. I love these days. I love to see the love in her eyes and feel those sweet baby hugs.

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Mama Hauck said...

I hear ya!!! They never show off their "tricks" when you want them to! LOL

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