Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Pregnancy: 36 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gain: -.5lbs, so it looks like I won't make through this pregnancy with no weight gain, but I'll still be in the negatives once she debuts!

Sleep: I wake up frequently in the evening for two reasons: either I need to switch sides because all of baby has made her way to that hip bone or I have to pee... again. Overall I have been getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier, both with little trouble. And Lucy has opted out on naps, so there's no daytime napping on my behalf either, but it's probably best that way.

Gender: girl

Name: same (Lydia)

Feeling: SO excited and ready to meet her - still feeling really good overall

Health: I'm keeping myself super busy and in turn getting worn down by the end of the day, but I feel healthy and content. And my hands and ankles are fairly swollen by the end of the day, but I'm not surprised with all that I'm still trying to do. My blood pressure today was a little high for me, but doc isn't worried, so neither am I. He said that I am doing great overall and that he thinks my entire pregnancy has been a very healthy one. 

Movement: She has the hiccups much more often than Lucy did and she seems to react to voices more too. She stretches and moves a lot and I love it!

Belly Button: still exists :)

Cravings: no new cravings- I still can't make myself choke down something that doesn't sound great

Next Appointment: doc is out of town next week, so I could see one of his associates or I could just schedule for two weeks, so I elected to do that later and if for any reason I want to be checked, I can just call and be worked in next week - all of that to say Wednesday, October 12th

Additional Notes: My doctor does an ultrasound at every appointment, which I love. During the ultrasound today, he pointed out from multiple angles that Miss Lydia has TONS of hair! You could actually see it on the screen, it was the coolest thing. I just can't wait to see what she looks like and to discover her temperament. Also, I'm still convinced that I'll be having her early, and it is not wishful thinking, just this crazy notion that I can't shake! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Pregnancy: 35 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gain: I gained .5lb in two weeks, so I've lost a total of 1.5 since I found out I was pregnant. This is really encouraging and motivation for a slimmer me once baby girl has arrived. I'm very proud of myself.

Sleep: As always, that would be a hit or miss. Last night, I slept for 9 hours, of course with frequent waking to turn to the other side so that baby girl wasn't laying on one hip for too long. Regardless, I'll take what I can get!

Gender: girl I suppose, doc didn't comment today

Name: same (Lydia)

Feeling: excited, excited, excited! And I've started "feeling" super pregnant, which I guess I am.

Health: I still feel great overall, just getting more worn out by the end of everyday. But that's to be expected when I'm keeping myself as busy as I can stand, so that time flies by. Also, I'm trying to make myself get more exercise overall (just walking and such, not anything strenuous). Today I got a flu shot, which I'm usually quick to decline every other year, but Dr. Brody talked me into it for Lydia's sake, since those antibodies transfer to her. Also, Lydia is already weighing in at 5.5lbs with a big head. :)

Movement: She still moves a lot, but she's getting so big that they aren't quick jabs now as much as her squirming around or reacting to my or Lucy's voice. She seems to love Lucy's songs and laugh because that gets the most reaction these days.

Belly Button: Barely an inny still but Dr. Brody said he doesn't think it will poke out.

Cravings: nothing in particular, most things either sound great or gross and I can't make myself eat something that doesn't sound good

Next Appointment: down to once a week visits now! Thursday, September 29th

Monday, September 12, 2011

shame, shame

Look who didn't even log-in on her blogiversary and make a post... shame, shame. I guess if I think life is busy now, I'm about to have a rude awakening. It's funny, in a masochistic sort of way, that Gary and I acknowledged this weekend we've just reached an era with Lucy, in which we can actually take her along to most events, and we're about to "restart" the time frame of home-bodies again with Lydia. The person this will bother the most is me. I don't care how selfish it sounds, I'm a social person and I like being out and about, doing things with my husband and with our friends. But the bottom line is we haven't been in a place to do that nearly as often as I would like until pretty recently. Lucy is mostly well-behaved and my anxiety-levels about her likelihood for becoming sick, etc, have waned. But here we go with round two in SIX WEEKS! Aside from all of this, I'm far more excited about baby girl #2 arriving and all that entails, than being disappointed in our level of activity dropping off. I have recently (which is a relative term) made some wonderful friends that are in the same place with babies and kids and I love these women! I missed real connection and deep friendships, and I'm basking in those things again. Don't get me wrong, I miss all the wonderful friends that I have spread out around the country, but having someone you can call up when you just want to talk or when you really need to call on someone to physically be there for you, it is wonderful. And because these "new" friends are on the same page, it makes everything more easy and natural and authentic. I feel very blessed, in all areas of my life. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 33

I'm really not trying to turn this into a pregnancy blog, life has just been crazy and the only time I think to update is when I get home from the OB. I just don't want to forget any of this stuff! Saturday is my four-year blogiversary, so I'll be sure to post something normal then. :D

Pregnancy: 33 weeks, 4 days

Weight Gain: -2lbs! I'm not kidding, I wouldn't make this up. I can't believe it either, because with eating every 3 hours, I definitely feel like I should be gaining. At this point, even if I started gaining, I would still lose weight overall by just having her, which is excellent news in my book.

Sleep: Overall, I shouldn't complain. I've been doing my best to eliminate any and all things that keep me from crashing at night. I have started taking my baths in the a.m. so they don't wake me up at all and I'm doing my best not to nap at all. I've also started getting up earlier again, completely at Lydia's demand, which also helps.

Gender: Dr. Brody scared me today when he said "he" but it was just a slip and she's still all girl!

Name: same (Lydia)

Feeling: nesting (if that's a feeling...), optimistic, excited

Health: I honestly feel great. And if I'm not mistaken, I'm feeling better further into this pregnancy than I did last time. I am finding myself winded more and more, but I'm pretty confident that Lydia's just getting huge and my lungs don't have enough room. :) (At least that's the excuse I'm going with...) Also, thankfully, I haven't been swelling too much yet either. But my belly is getting pretty huge!

Movement: She's still a wild child and she has the hiccups often. I love watching my belly dance!

Belly Button: Barely an inny still!

Cravings: spicy stuff, meaty stuff - I'm glad I stopped wanting cupcakes!

Next Appointment: Thursday, September 22nd

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