Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alive & Kicking

Yes, as the blog states, we are all alive and kicking! Time for a mini update:
  • Lucy will be 3 NEXT MONTH - sometimes it feels like she's always been here but it has only been 3 years. It is crazy how quickly things change.
  • Lydia will be 8 months old on Sunday - again, how can this be?! She is a wild woman... crawling everywhere, putting everything in her mouth, making lots of cute baby noises, and making lots of diapers and laundry. But we love her so so much and she really is incredible! I thought that my first pregnancy and baby were awesome, but let me just say, we are 2 for 2 and I'm pretty excited by that. Let's just hope that whenever we try for #3, he/she is just as awesome. :)
  • Gary has been working his tail off but he still enjoys his job very much. He and I have been married for four years and together for almost six. Time flies! I honestly have a hard time remembering a lot of the details of my life before him. Here's hoping we have another 80 years together!!
  • We have finally found a church we love and feel it is the best fit for our family. I'm a big fan of non-denominational churches because all the rules of the different classifications within Christianity make me crazy!!! That, of course, is for another ranting post. :)
  • We are readying our house to put it on the market. The drive to and from Gary's work is ridiculous and since he's planning to be there a while, we have got to move closer. i miss my husband when he's working, but tack on another 10 hours of drive time each week and then I'm just frustrated. I know he can't control traffic, etc- I'm not aggravated with him!
  • I'm planning to start teaching Lucy at the Pre-K level in the fall. Instead of buying a curriculum, I'm piecing together my own. I really hope this all works out and that I can learn to teacher in her best learning style. I've gotten a lot of things together already and  definitely enjoy the planning aspect. We shall see!
Life has been busy and I love it this way. I promise to write more soon. I especially want to do a better job of updating about the girls, our home-selling experience, and our homeschooling path.

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