Monday, June 7, 2010

Review #2 : Remember Me?

Remember Me? 
by Sophie Kinsella
448 pages
Grade: B+

Maybe this is a trend, maybe I'm too hard on the books I read, but I graded this book a B+. Without trying to give away too much, I'd like to lay out the story for you a bit. Lexi Smartt seems to live the life of your typical British chick-lit character. She dislikes her job, her loser boyfriend, and her life seems to be in a shambles. I want to first say that I nearly gagged when I read the first few pages. I thought this would be another book just like the rest. I am so glad I was wrong. I believe the author did a great job of changing up the typical chick-lit and putting a spin on Lexi's situation.She wakes up in the hospital after a seemingly minor accident and realizes that she doesn't remember the last 3 years of her life. The life she was living was gone and had been replaced with something very foreign to her.

This book held my interest and I was impressed by the author's twist on things.  There was never a time in which I couldn't stand the main character, which is typically my reaction to chick-lit books. I was genuinely pulling for Lexi and waiting to learn the pieces of her life that she was missing. The book wasn't a one-day reader but it holds your attention well enough that this doesn't matter. I enjoyed it and simply gave it a B+ because there's nothing life-changing about it and it's just a fun read.

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