Friday, June 11, 2010

Review #3: One for the Money

One for the Money
by Jane Evanovich
334 pages
Grade: C

This book was a quick and easy read; I finished it within a day. Stephanie Plum finds herself in a pickle, having lost her job and in significant debt. Her car is taken, her furniture sold to keep paying rent, and she has to go to her parents for dinner on a regular basis. She decides to blackmail her cousin Vinny (big surprise that a Jersey girl has a cousin Vinny) into letting her be his latest bounty hunter. She has no concept of what she's doing and she wastes what little money she gets on junk. The book overall wasn't too disappointing because it was so short but, it wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had hoped. It's possible that the other books in the series get better but I doubt I'll chance it. I didn't love the character Stephanie Plum and honestly I just thought she was a silly girl without a concept of the real world. Also, I found myself disappointed that regardless of her many dumb mistakes, she still makes it out in the end. It wasn't the worst book I've ever read but when it comes to suspense, this was a bit of a letdown. 


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