Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Brynlee's Battle

I'm up bright and early today (can you please just inject that coffee via IV) to help out a friend and her sister with a yard sale. This isn't your typical yard sale but nothing about this journey will be typical. A precious little girl has an incredibly rare genetic disorder that will require extensive procedures, which means long hospital stays at Vanderbilt (roughly 2 hours away). I don't need any glory for this, I'm actually only helping out with this event because the many other fundraisers are occurring when I'm out of town. I just HAD to help because what if this was my baby girl? All I can keep thinking (selfishly) is what would I do if this was Lucy? The whole story breaks my heart and I wish I had a lot of money to give to their family and on that note, I wish that money could fix their situation. Keep Baby Brynlee in your prayers. Ask God to perform miracles and transform this family and friends through the whole process. Thanks gals!


Debbie said...

I will certainly keep this baby and her family in my prayers. I hope the sale is very successful.

The Perpetual Student said...

You just made me cry. I was just telling Nick about how everyone there helping was either family or a friend of Melissa's, except for you - not that you're not her friend, just that I know you were there because you're a friend to me. Your TIME was worth more than any money you could have given. You really are a good yard-saler! And, it meant so so so much to me to have you there! I know you're not posting for the glory, but I hope you know that you did a very good thing that is very much appreciated. <3 Thank you.

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