Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sorry for my sabbatical. Life was a little unruly this week and surprisingly not because of my daughter. Most of my world was ruled by work this week but thankfully that's all over. This is the first weekend in a while that we haven't been locked in to some sort of plans and I was very grateful for that. Most of my day was spent hanging out with my two great loves and that's my version of paradise. :D

On another note, I'm asking for prayers for my husband's family. When it rains it pours, I've always believed that. I say this because two of Gary's family members have received very scary/sad news this week regarding their health. We try not to be worriers and to remain hopeful but all of the bad news coming in the same week makes it much harder to stay positive. I may elaborate later but for now I'm just asking for a quick prayer for our family.

Speaking of positive, I wanted to publicly say thank you to my awesome hubs for making me a lay-out that I love! He did it of course with a little input from me because we all know that I can be picky. But anyway, THANKS HONEY!!


Haupi said...

Absolutely Cassies, your family are in my prayers. Glad to see you off skates and relaxing and enjoying this weekend.

Mama Hauck said...

I was going to say I LOVED the new layout. :)

I will say a prayer.

Cassie said...

Thanks ladies!

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