Monday, May 3, 2010

I love having time off

Possibly the best part about being part-time now is the amount of time off that I'm given. See, I work for two doctors, one of which is partially retired, and they kind of come and go as they please. Because of this, if one of them is off, I too am off. This helps the full-timers still get their hours and I truly don't mind. Because of this, I only work one day this week and it will be a half day. So here's my on-going to do list:

1. Spray paint "new" patio furniture. (New to us :D)
2. Buy comfy cushions for said patio furniture.
3. Create retaining wall around sidewalk and plant hostas,etc.
4. Get hair done.
5. Get emissions testing done for my car and send off check for new tags.
6. Make the house festive for Cinco de Mayo!!

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