Thursday, May 20, 2010

rain, rain, rain

Let me be the only child brat that I am for just a minute....

I have never mowed my own yard or anyone else's for that matter. Maybe it's because I am the only child and I'm a girl. I'm not sure. But honestly, I never intend to mow my own yard. However, I would appreciate if God could cut it out with all the rain only showing up on the weekend (which happens to be the only time my husband has to take care of the yard because of a long days work and a long commute).

That's my little rant for today. Btw, it's raining tonight, tomorrow, and most of Saturday.

Dear Neighbors, PLEASE don't start a petition to have us kicked out of the neighborhood because our yard looks so bad. They are mostly weeds anyway. :/

On a different note, I turned in my notice at work. I will officially be a stay-at-home mommy soon. I didn't plan on doing this before we had another child but duty calls (duty being family and family being in-laws/grand-in-laws). I actually like the people I work with but of course, I love my child more and I want to help out since my husband really can't. Keep praying for the fam.... I'll fill you all in soon on the details of this craziness.

Much love and many blessing,
Drenched Diva

1 comment:

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Prayers and thoughts to your family! You are so amazing!

I've never cut grass either! :-)

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