Tuesday, May 25, 2010

84 of 100

I've decided on 84 of the 100 books I'm planning to read. The sad part is that probably 10-12 of those are books I already owned that I have never gotten around to reading. :D This is very exciting and also a little scary. I think I must be crazy trying to take this on with a wild and wiggly 10 month-old to chase after. Hopefully I can make it happen and most importantly have fun with it. I also need to prove to myself that I can accomplish a not-so-important, long-term goal. I am normally pretty flippant about stuff like this, which irritates me. I want to set a goal that doesn't HAVE to be met and still reach it. It will make me feel less lazy I guess. Also, I still need to pick 16 more books, so I'll post my list thus far (over on the right -->), and please give me suggestions to add to it!


Emily @ TheLastWord said...

This is an awesome goal for summer. I know what you mean about trying to find even a small goal you can stick to. I start things all the time and never finish them. Hmm I think you may have inspired a blog post for me!

Cassie said...

I just finished Thirteen Reasons Why, and it was very good, but sad.

If you're going to read Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris...why don't you read the whole series? That would add 9 more to your list. If you end up not liking the first one, you could change the list later. But it's a really awesome series!

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

So I started a Summer Goal Challenge and would love for you to join!

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