Monday, May 17, 2010

Goal update

A few months ago I posted about the goals I've set for myself and for our family. I thought I should take a minute and update everyone on our status with these goals. First of all, I fell off the wagon! J/K But, I did slow down a lot with reading new books. I picked up another classic and reread it, which took the place of one of my new books for the month but hopefully I'll just read three by the end of the month instead if two. On a side note, I would like some suggestions for "good reads." I'm hoping to make a big trip to our local used book store soon and I want to be armed with a HUGE list, so I have lots of options. :D I love reading books at the beach and the beach is quickly approaching.

I've gotten off track... One of my personal goals was to feel healthier. I believe I am making much better decisions regarding my diet and possibly the best step in the right direction of me was to eliminate sodas. I had slowly gotten to the point that I drank a few a day instead of a few a week. Not only was that entirely too much sugar for me, it was also pretty expensive! I have also opted to cook much fresher, healthier foods overall and I am enjoying it.

I know I've mentioned previously my major to-do list for this summer regarding our home.... Last weekend for mother's day we made a new flower bed. It's so great and looks like a professional job. I have to give credit to hubs and Topher though, they were the builders and I was the architect. :D In addition to that little project, I'm planning to contact the Salvation Army to have some old furniture picked up from our den so that I can tackle that space next. I love feeling like I've accomplished things around our house and lately I'm happy to say I have met my goals.

My newest goal relates a little to the healthier trend. Let me backtrack a bit... I originally put off joining Weight Watchers because I was pregnant. And then much more recently I wasn't sure if I should join because we're planning to have another baby again hopefully next Spring/Summer. But, I decided that any weight lost would be a step in the right direction, so I'm planning to join for a three month period and then see where we are on the baby plans. I'm pretty excited about joining because I know that Weight Watchers works and it's not just some silly diet that I'll fail to follow. And to be honest, I'm also nervous because I've never dieted in my life. I know that sounds nuts but I have never cared before now. (And don't ask me why I care now, because I have no idea!)

I doubt I'm brave enough to put my numbers up (i.e. weight, waistline, etc), but I'll glad starting posting my losses! Hope you all have a great week!!


Steph said...

Hey there! I'd love to follow your weight loss...I've lost 91 pounds so far and love reading weight loss stories! :)

New follower here from D-List!!

The Perpetual Student said...

I'm support you 100%! I've been trying to add healthy foods to our diet instead of focusing on what we can't eat. Lately, I've been eating daily spring mix salads with roasted almonds, dried cherries, raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing, and a sprinkle of parmesan. They're so yummy, and I'm not usually a salad person. Instead of sodas, we've switched to juice. Dole makes a really yummy strawberry kiwi. We've been watching our sugar and salt intakes, as well. I also really like Slim Fast chocolate shakes and Kellogg's Fiber Plus peanut butter and chocolate bars. Also, I bought a steamer and make steamed veggies a few times a week and always have fresh fruits on hand. I don't know if any of that fits in with WW. I know you're a VERY driven lady, and you will be successful in whatever you set your mind to! <3

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading more! I love meeting other believers. Makes me smile :)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Hey, I'm glad I found your blog! Found you from the Block Party! :-)

I've been really wanting to join WW too. Now I just have to force myself.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Hey, I'm glad I found your blog! Found you from the Block Party! :-)

I've been really wanting to join WW too. Now I just have to force myself.

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