Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Has it come to this...

The past few weeks, I've encountered something that slightly disturbs me. I've been called young lady at least 5 times by people I don't know (retail, nail salon, etc). All of the people that called me young lady are not very old themselves (mostly 30-somethings) and it makes me wonder, have I gotten old enough that people think calling me young lady will make me feel young again? I know that sounds crazy BUT, I have worked with the public long enough to know that if you call a woman that is obviously not a young lady, young lady, you are trying to make her feel young again. The alternative is that I'm being paranoid, which is completely possible. I just get this feeling that I don't look younger than I am anymore. No one cards me for drinks anymore either.

The funniest part is that I really am not concerned about my age. I doubt very much that at 30 or 40 or even 50 I'll care to disclose my true number. I really just wonder if I've reached this point.


The Perpetual Student said...

I changed the way I thought about my age when I turned 25. (It's weird that the act of turning 25 is in the past now.) I'm not sure why I chose this arbitrary number. I'm guessing there's some trigger for everyone that makes them think about themselves differently than they did before. Maybe when people say that, it's just one of those triggers. No one else knows your age, so maybe it's possible you're just picking up on this because you view yourself as older.

It still bothers me when people clearly mistake me for younger than I am, so I guess I'm not at the point yet where I wonder if people think I'm older than I am. My body hasn't changed much since I was 12, so I'm guessing it will be awhile. <3

Cassie said...

I also kind of thought that maybe I feel this way because my body is so much different after having Lucy.

Sweet August said...

Hmm that's an interesting thought. I'm not there myself yet (when people call me young lady they really mean that I look about 15). I hear you on not really minding it, though. I view getting older as an adventure.

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