Friday, July 16, 2010

Recipe Issues

I have always thought of myself as a great cook. I can come up with something from practically nothing and it's beyond edible, it's usually quite yummy. However, I have recently encountered a rather difficult obstacle: my husband has celiac and now we must live a gluten-free life (well technically, he does, not "we"). Thankfully, there are lots of companies recognizing the necessity for gluten-free foods. My biggest complaint is the general yuckiness of pre-packaged foods that are gluten-free. This is really only an obstacle for his lunches because I can conform most of my recipes to make them gluten-free. I just want new recipes. I want to try new things and tweak them to make them my own. Any recipe suggestions are appreciated! Thanks lovely readers.


Amy :) said...

Great blog! Thank you for sharing your success with the coupon-ing :) I am following you back.

Ruth said...

Hi Cassie, thanks for stopping by my blog... and following. I'm following you back. love this blog!!
Can't wait to read more and get to know you better...

Underneath His Wrapping

Holly said...

I just made an awesome new tilapia recipe tonight that I was hoping to share with someone. I'm not sure how gluten-free it is, but I'll give you the link.

Make it with the rum butter sauce - it's amazing. I subbed orange juice for lime juice, added a few tablespoons of butter, and subbed honey for plain sugar. I served it with twisty pasta and steamed broccoli.

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