Thursday, July 8, 2010

A real excuse

I hate excuses. I hate that I have always felt the need to defend myself, like everyone wants to hear about the what/when/why of a situation, to hear my explanation. But I always give it. I always defend. I always put in my two cents. Anyway, here's my latest:

I was on vacation for 10 days without reliable internet access and upon getting home Monday afternoon, found my daughter to have a temp of 102.9 and since then I've been cuddling this new, can't live without mommy bundle of hugs and fever and of course trying to unpack.

So there is it. There's my sob story. Sorry for my absence ladies and gents but it's likely to stay that way until the Lucy Bug is better. She literally won't let me put her down unless she's asleep and I'm enjoying every minute of cuddle time because she normally won't stand still.

Until next time....

1 comment:

Busy Working Mama said...

Poor bunny! Hope she feels better soon!

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