Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring has sprung

The weather has been so wonderful for nearly two weeks now and I'm in awe of it all. I love Spring, almost as much as I like Autumn. And the only reason Autumn wins, is college football season. :) I digress... A couple of weeks ago, I began waking up with my normal seasonal allergy nose and throat funk, so I returned to my trusty Zyrtec and have since been allowed to return to the beautiful outdoors. Lucy loves being outside. She hates the sunscreen (already) and won't wear a hat, but we're lucky because she's not as fair-skinned as me, and she's already getting brown. (Don't worry, I am still fighting her and putting on the sunscreen, it's just her natural tendency to get a tan!) She loves being outside so much that we've been at a park or wandering our own pathetic yard everyday, playing soccer or simply exploring. She's at such a fun age. She's learning new words everyday and gets SO excited about every noise or discovery. I mentioned our pathetic yard... We have big plans to level is off a bit more in the back and buy her an awesome swing-set/play-ground for her birthday. I am just so glad that she is enjoying the weather now when it's mild yet warm. I just hope we (ok, I) can keep up when it starts getting into the 90s/100s again. Being pregnant during the summer is hard, but at least this time I won't be full term in the South at the end of July!

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