Monday, March 28, 2011


I know that when I'm pregnant, I'm clumsy and forgetful and scatter-brained but this does not bode well for my streak of straight A's. Two weeks ago, my geography prof posted our scores for an assignment and I had a zero. I wig out, look at the dropbox and see that I NEVER TURNED IN THE ASSIGNMENT THAT WAS SITTING ON MY DESKTOP FOR 3 WEEKS! Seriously?! It's just one assignment and it's one that mattered very little in my overall score but the point is I did an assignment and then forgot to turn it in. And this morning I log-in to my classes and find that I have a million things due on Friday and I had just sort of forgotten about them. I am the model student normally... the geek that gets the assignment done within a couple of days of it being assigned, not the one that procrastinates until the last minute. I am excited to be having another child, but I'm going to need to get through this semester without screwing up again, or I'm going to have an emotional breakdown. Is is summer yet?

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Nancy said...

Just breathe in thoughts of the beach and breathe out stress. Then while you are doing all the breathing be sure and keep an agenda of things that have to be turned in. Good luck.

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