Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a nerd the night before the first day of school

Tomorrow is my first OB appointment with my new doctor and with regard to our new little babe. As the title implies, I can't sleep regardless of my exhaustion. And I can't sleep because I'm more excited than a nerd the night before the first day of school. :) Ok, ok, I was the nerd too. But that doesn't matter. Of course, I'm excited and interested to know just a little more about our little bean. But to be completely honest, I have a hunch that something wonderful and crazy and unexpected in going to happen at my appointment. My mind has been racing for weeks... Am I carrying twins? Am I further along that I thought? Am I carrying a prodigy? Who knows?! But at least a few questions should be answered tomorrow. I'm excited to see this new doctor and to be completely honest, it's mostly because he does an ultrasound at every appointment. Just say a little prayer for me that all our news is good and we have a healthy little babe. I'll post something more of interest soon... assuming I ever stop feeling so exhausted that I fall asleep at 9pm (hence my 1st real post after that time).

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