Friday, March 18, 2011

pregnancy update - the real 8 weeks

Pregnancy: 8 weeks, 5 days

Weight Gain: -2lbs - since I was overweight for my last pregnancy and this one, I'm hoping not to gain too much... maybe 15-25lbs. I did it with Lucy (only gained 14lbs), so surely I can do it again!

Sleep: I have still been waking up insanely early, but not everyday. There are days that I don't get a nap in and if that happens, I usually sleep a little later the next morning. Otherwise, no tummy sleeping anymore. :( And my Snoogle pillow is more in the way at this point than helpful. So with my standard pillow, I'm sleeping pretty good. And I think I'm snoring again this time around. How crazy is that?!

Gender: good question! Any early predictions? (yeah, I know, same as last week!) Maybe we can find out in May...

Names: I think I've been repeating myself and being annoying with the whole name idea, so I've left Gary alone about that line of conversation. We still have time. :)

Feeling: exhausted... still.... but otherwise, just too busy with my ridiculous demands on myself to feel much else. I know, BAD MOMMY!

Health: I feel very good. A little freaked out that I already have a baby bump that I can't hide, but otherwise I am feeling healthy and excited. Regardless of the gallons of water I'm drinking and the skin treatment I've tried, I still look like a teenager, but oh well!

Movement: I swear I've felt this baby, but rationally, I know it's too early. My doctor kindly mentioned that maybe it was just gas. "HA! Thanks!"

Belly Button: normal

Cravings: none this week... but the power of suggestion is pretty intense

Next Appointment: April 13th

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