Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our deal

I'm not sure if the deal Gary and I made was sometime during our engagement or quickly after our marriage.... regardless, I am thankful we made it. I made him promise me that I could die first. I know that sounds a little morbid and that normally God doesn't exactly give you a choice, but I'm hoping that He'll let us have a say in this situation. I really do rely on God but He made my husband just for me and He has to know that I would fall apart if Gary was taken from me. Because of the recent events, I wonder if Nana and Grandpa Graves made the same sort of vow. You see, Grandpa has been sick with Alzheimer's for many years and Nana only became sick within the last year. So the fact that she passed away first and that he so quickly followed makes me believe this is the case. What a testament to true love! What a gracious and loving thing for God to allow for these two souls! Of course I wish neither of them had been sick, but I'm not in charge and I don't know the reasons they were. It doesn't matter and I won't be trying to figure that one out but I will keep holding on to hope that Gary and I will have a long and happy marriage, full of kids and grandkids and great-grandkids, and that I'll get to go first.

EDIT: As an attachment, I thought you should all check out one of their daughter's blogs and the letter from Grandpa to Nana 48 years ago. Love Eternal


Brittany said...

Sorry for your loss but what a beautiful deduction. I hope you get your wish far in the future and I hope I do too;)

Nancy said...

Yeah, that 13 days after her when he has been sick for nine years seems a bit more than coincidental. I hope you have a long and fruitful life together too. Marriage is hard but like the song says, 'that's what the promise is for,' I am so proud of Mom and Dad for their 52 years. If their lives had been extended longer that count would have grown. But I guess I have to settle for them being together forever which is way more spectacular than an anniversary here on earth.

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