Wednesday, April 21, 2010

teething and it's side effects...

My poor child is cutting three teeth at the same time. She currently has two and they are on the bottom and they were a cake-walk compared with this time around. I thought she was going to be one of the lucky ones when her first two teeth came through with a slightly restless night and some baby Oragel.

However, I am finding that having three teeth trying to come through at once (two of those being uppers) is a little more difficult. I feel so sorry for her. She has a snotty nose, she's lost her appetite, and she is chewing on anything and everything, including her hands (not just A finger but hand and all). I would have thought she was sick if I couldn't feel the teeth and if she seemed to have any other symptoms. The worst part is that normally she's a happy baby. But this has made her exhausted, fussy, and pitiful.

I hope these teeth hurry up because I want my baby back. I'm not upset with her, I'm upset for her because nothing seems to help. Even with a runny nose, she's still a cutie! :)


Mama Hauck said...

OH NO!! So sorry to hear your little one is having a tough time of teething! My daughter Molly has two bottom teeth in now, those weren't SO bad. But just like your daughter, Molly is much more grumpy and having such a tough time with her other teeth that are coming in. Orajel works ok for her, but not for very long. She hasn't been sleeping very well either. UGH! Hope our little ones feel better soon! :)


Kassie said...

I completely relate to this -- Graham's first two teeth were no big deal at all, we didn't even notice that he was teething until they broke through. His front top ones have been a nightmare!

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