Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucy Scarlett - Nine Months Old Already

Thanks to another blogging mommy, I decided to make a little stats chart for my growing baby girl. 

Lucy's Nine Month Stats

Clothes: 12 months

Weight and Height: We'll find out April 30th at your well-visit (around 21lbs., 28 inches long)

Diaper: size 3

Food: 24(ish) oz of formula per day, 3-5 jars a day, and usually some snacks (Puffs, tiny fruit pieces, or yogurt melts)

Teeth: Two are in but you are working on THREE more!!

Sleep: Two-three naps each day totaling about 3.5 hours. Your bedtime is 8(again ish)pm and you usually sleep until 6:30 or 7:00.

Favorite toys: You love stuffed animals. You love balls and blocks that you can beat together. You love your fisher price sing along mirror and music maker. And you love your rocking zebra!

Favorite show: Baby Einstein: Baby Da Vinci, anything with Elmo

You love: Mommy and/or Daddy walking into the room, phones (already, yikes!), dancing, waving and saying "HI" all the time, being tickled, being thrown up in the air!


Mama Hauck said...

Happy 9 months, Lucy!! Sounds like you're growing wonderfully! But didn't you know you were suppose to stay little for your Mama forever? :)


Jacqui said...

happy 9 months. thank you for the comment on my blog!! means alot.

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