Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We bought our home in March 2009. We actually moved in May 1, 2009. Today, I finished cleaning and unpacking. How horrible is it that the whole process took me nearly a year? In my defense, I was pregnant for a significant part of that and my daughter has taken priority over order since that time. :) Also, a great deal of the unpacked things were in the storage section of our basement. Things are really coming together and I am especially proud of our space now that all the pictures are hung on the walls, and it truly looks like a happy home.

I think a home is never really complete. We have a nice "to do" list for making ours just perfect. But something tells me that it will take more than a year to create a patio, plant some trees, create a garden, build new stairs to our deck, add-on to the master bedroom, etc. Aside from the obvious financial burden these things create, it's pretty likely that I'll have another bun in the oven before a year is up and of course our list seems to be on-going. Regardless, it is so much fun to be homeowners and to have the freedom to make a space your own. We have been truly blessed with this home and I have to say that I really enjoy the responsibilities that come along with it.

<>< Cass

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Kara said...

We moved in right about the same time you did last year. We have unpacked everything, but there are still rooms that are disorganized and decorating that still needs done. I have no curtains. It drives me crazy!

But I agree, it seems like a home is never "done". There are always things that can be done. Plus our tastes and lifestyles change...

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