Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes I'm a hypocrite

I was just complaining yesterday on Facebook about how everyone keeps posting way too many political links but I'm going to post something here today. I justify posting the link with this: the young man in the video is my cousin's friend and it was e-mailed to me by my cousin (a U.S. Marine currently serving in Iraq) who asked me to pass it on to others. Hope you all enjoy it, I found it to be very moving.

Much love and many blessings,

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The Currys said...


Hello from Kiev. You were right, that was very moving and definitely worth posting.

Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog, your encouraging comments, and most of all your prayers.

Viktor and Dad are doing well. I am happy to have this time for us to bond before we get back to the states. We will have this anchor point when every things changes for him in the states. I can't imagine what must be going thru his mind right now.

His birthday is Saturday. I got him tickets to the professional soccer game next weeks. We're going to take along one of his friends from the orphanage as well. Right now his friends that he grew up with at Orphanage 21 are more family than I am, and I'm trying to let him spend as much time with them before he leaves as possible.

Have a great day and tell Sharon and Nana I love them when you see them at the brunch today.


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