Thursday, September 25, 2008

it always works out

Last Wednesday (a week and a day ago) I went to something at our church called GroupLink. During multiple quiet times with God in the past few months I felt that He was urging me to lead a small group. So when I went to the Associate Pastor about this he said something along the lines of "Well GroupLink is coming up." And anyway, there I was with no one in attendance seeming interested in driving to Hixson to attend our group. I love my husband very much but the two of us alone wasn't what I had in my for a small group... I mean that's a SMALL group. :) But Dale (the Associate Pastor again) told me not to lose heart, that none of the people from our area that wanted a small group could actually come to GroupLink and he would give me their e-mails, etc to contact them and make it happen. Maybe because I can be a "Debbie Downer," or maybe because I was scared, I was convinced that I had read something wrong and that a small group wasn't happening after all. When I finally got the e-mails (yesterday afternoon), I e-mailed everyone in our area, which was like 10 people, and most of them are siked and ready for a small group!!! Seriously, Praise God because I have missed being in a small group for like 2 years and I want to go where the Lord takes me. I am Mrs. Play-it-safe and I don't want to be. I've never been afraid of the challenge to lead. Look at my track record, I have always been a leader in some form or fashion.... but I was afraid of jumping in with a group of people I don't know in the slightest. And I want more than anything to let go of my fears and follow His path for me. So anyway, my point in this really long mess is to say how excited I am about having more friends, new friends, that I can build up and grow with. And, God knew I was sad, that I felt like a loser with no buddies at my table and He knew I needed the reassurance in time that I was doing as He asked.... who cares if I had to wait for it?! haha

Praise the Lord!!! :D

Cass <><

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