Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm bad, I'm bad, you know....

I'm working and blogging, how bad am I? :)

Anyway, I wanted to post something that's really important to me, something that I'd like others to pray with me about. A dear friend of mine, which will remain nameless, is having medical problems. She is in her late 20s and has not yet had a child but has been told by her physicians that she needs to have one of her ovaries removed. She really wants children but she and hubby aren't sure that they're ready yet. Of course she can still conceive with only one ovary but the other nice little variable is that her husband had testicular cancer 8ish years ago and lost one of his testicles. So in terms of making a baby, their chances with one ovary and one testicle are obviously limited. I'm writing to ask that others pray for her to make the "right" decision and that she feels confident in God that whatever she decides (have the surgery now or try for a baby first), God will bless them. All of this aside, she's just not feeling well; the ovary is very problematic and I hate to see her in pain constantly. She's afraid and I want her to go to the Lord with this and know that He will make all things ok. Thanks for your prayers friends.

Much love and many blessings,

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