Wednesday, April 6, 2011

improving my mood

I think that just getting this week over with, regardless of the outcomes, my mood will be greatly improved. I'm not sorry I went back to school, I'm actually glad I decided to just do it. But, I think being pregnant and chasing a toddler takes so much out of me that schoolwork (which used to be fun) has become a huge pain. I thought I might take a few classes this summer, but there's no way with all the other things we have going on. Plus, I really want to devote time and energy into the mommy group. I'm hoping to have a great summer with all the ladies in the group. We get along so well and our children play wonderfully together. It has been such a blessing to have this group of people in my life. Speaking of the group, I received two e-mails yesterday for women that wanted info about joining. I guess the fact the the weather is warming up makes everyone want to find a friend and get outside. I'm excited to meet more new people. I feel like God is placing these other mothers in my life to create the friendships that I've been missing for quite a while. This of course is improving my mood as well. :D

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