Monday, September 27, 2010

now back to our regularly scheduled program

Hello friends! I have missed you. I have missed writing to you. And I have missed having a space to unload my baggage, good and bad. There will be a short catch-up because honestly, my life isn't that interesting anyway. :)

I've been reading and studying and teaching Lucy like a mad woman. I love school and I'm obsessive about it (have I mentioned that enough for you all to catch my drift, haha) but it has been paying off. I'm acing both classes and not because they are easy, which is pretty satisfying to the geek within. And like I said, I'm teaching my little bug a lot too. She's growing so fast and I feel like she's absorbing everything like a sponge (particularly sign language and speech). I'm so proud of her and really can see that she will be a little brain too. I don't care if every parent says that, it seems pretty special to me. :) She learns new words everyday and really loves to learn. It's my dream-come-true! We've been doing a playdate or two a week with various women and their kids that we met on and it has been awesome. I like any excuse to get out of the house and I definitely needed the interaction. We are strongly considering another child now but have resolved not to "try" so much as "stop not trying." I figure that if I'm going to have five-ish kids and I'm 26, we better get moving. Otherwise nothing too exciting around our house.

I am very happy Fall has decided to make an appearance this year afterall. As I type, I'm enjoying the breeze through my open windows and the scent of my favorite Spiced Pumpkin candle. Fall holds almost all of my favorite things about life. Fall brings football and pumpkins and mild weather and wonderful festivals. It may sound odd but Fall renews me and I love it! It sounds like Lucy woke up from her nap, so I better go for now. But I wanted to ask for your opinions: Do you like me posting menus for the week and recipes? I don't want to bore anyone! :) Happy Fall!!!


Dave Cullen said...

I'm not sure if I commented, but I'm amazed by that reading list. How can you read three a day? I can't do that in a month. (I read really slowly. And I fill all the margins with notes, if I like it.)

Anyway, thanks for including my book on there (Columbine.)

I guess you won't be writing about all of them, too. Haha. I want to meet the person who can pull that off.

Holly said...

I vote for menus. They sometimes help me come up with ideas of what to make for dinner.

I love fall, too. There's something magical about autumn air.

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