Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Like I said before, I become obsessed and consumed with school. I'm sorry I've been MIA but I have spent a lot of time absolutely devouring my books and I doubt there is any end in sight. I haven't decided what to do about my book challenge... On one hand, I really want to accomplish this because I think it would be awesome to do but on the other hand, time with my family takes priority and with football and school added into that mix, there just isn't much time. Maybe I'll try to listen to at least one book a week until the end of this semester and then I'll read like crazy again through the holidays. We'll see. I am not giving up the book challenge just yet, but I'm not sure how I'll get from point A to point B.

Here is this week's menu around our house:

Monday: Crockpot Beef Roast w/ Veggies
Tuesday: Lemon Garlic Flounder w/ Rice and Broccoli
Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie
Thursday: Sausage and Potatoes w/ Carrots & Green Beans
Friday: Dinner Out
Saturday: Cassie's Famous Crockpot Chili
Sunday: Mushroom Dijon Pork Chops w/ Potatoes & Corn

I hope you all enjoy and forgive me for being a blog-slacker. Have a great week!


cheri said...

i'm curious about the lemon garlic flounder. would be posting the recipe? you think it'll work with tilapia? we have tilapia in abundance here in manila...

Cassie said...

I use a recipe that is very similar but that is specifically for tilapia. Check it out here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Lemon-Garlic-Tilapia/Detail.aspx

I'm not home right now to post my flounder recipe. I use aluminum foil around each fillet to lock in the flavor moreso but otherwise I follow their instructions exactly for my tilapia. It is super simple and yummy! Hope you enjoy.

Holly said...

I never thought to make chili with salsa. Good idea - saves time on chopping veggies.

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