Friday, June 17, 2011


Since most of the recipes I post are designed for the crockpot, I'm sure most of you have gathered that I think these are one of the best inventions of all time. I have three, I'm like an addict. I have a small one for warming dips and such. I have a medium because I bought it for super cheap one year at the day-after-Thanksgiving sales. And I have a large (ok, make that huge) one that I registered for when we got married and was quite delighted to receive. And it's nice and fancy, with the digital timer, the attached lid that you can just open and not have to find a place to put it while stirring, etc. Unfortunately, this one is about to bite the dust. The metal has been scratched (don't ask me how, I have boys clean-up my kitchen after dinner each night and I'm blaming them), and the lid that attaches has lost a screw and it stripped anyway so I can't use that part properly. The timer and warming are still great and intact but the fancy has worn off. But when I'm making ribs and forget to thaw them, it doesn't matter, this monstrous thing holds them anyway and that makes me still love it. And so, unless I find a killer deal this year after Thanksgiving, I'm planning to keep my slightly broken but beloved huge crockpot, because I couldn't be good wife or mother and make yummy meals nearly as often without it. :)

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