Wednesday, June 8, 2011

could I just sleep, please?

As you can see by the crazy hour in which I'm posting, my sleep schedule is a bit odd right now. With my last pregnancy, I went to bed early and got up INSANELY early. And things started out that way this time around too, but have taken a completely different turn. I don't know if Audrey is already trying to assert how different she will be from Lucy, or if my hormones are just different, or there's no good explanation and I just can't sleep well when I want to. I have to say, it's pretty annoying. I spend most of my days chasing an almost-two-year-old and feeling run down. More than once a week, I take a nap when she does, but not everyday, because I do have to get SOMETHING done around our home. :) But no matter if I nap or not, I seem to really wake up around 7 or 8 pm and then really fight to get some rest. I get pretty restless just trying to make myself go to bed and in turn get up after 30 minutes of sitting here waiting for sleep to overtake me. I then get up to read or peruse the interweb... It's extra annoying that reading no longer puts me to sleep and more than once I've gotten sucked into a book and stayed up even later. All of these sleep issues wouldn't be such a big deal if not for a) Lucy and her sleep schedule and b) feeling like doing anything during the day when everyone else is awake and wired. I feel like I'm not there, even if I am, because I walk around all day so drained. I even tried not napping for an entire week to reset my internal clock, but found that it helped not at all and made me feel worse overall. I hope this isn't a sign that Audrey is going to be a nightowl baby for a super long time. Oh how I love sleep, I just wish right now I felt that it loved me!

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