Monday, April 6, 2009

Sorry for the absence

Hello all! There should have been many updates since I last wrote but life is a bit busy these days.

In baby news, we are having a baby girl!!! She's due July 24th and we are super excited. I am getting a pretty big belly these days... it's getting scary. Things aren't too uncomfortable yet... I am having a lot of pelvic pressure and low back pain but we only have 14.5 more weeks to go, so I think I can make it. I go to the doctor again tomorrow and I'm hoping for a good report.

In other news, we have our own house now. We closed a few weeks ago and have started the painting/ decorating process for now. The official move is May 1st. We originally thought we'd live in Hixson or Red Bank but found a home that we both LOVED in East Brainerd, so we bought it. It was built in 2002, so there aren't any necessary repairs. We just wanted to paint the nursery and put in a network and alarm system.

Needless to say, life is busy and expensive right now. :) Also, my hormones are raging. I cry and laugh harder than ever before. And I go from super excited to majorly bummed with ease. In all honesty, being pregnant has been a real breeze for me though. I know I mentioned discomfort, but I actually feel so honored to be a soon-to-be mommy. It's a real privilege. Everyone should probably pray for my husband though. He seems to be a nervous wreck these days. I understand why he's worried but it just surprises me that he is reacting this way. He's always been so laid back and I've been the OCD freak... now the tables are turning a bit.

There are probably more updates but they escape me for the time being. I'm going to take a long hot shower and relax.

Much love and many blessings,

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