Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thank you to my husband and to any others that have been praying for me. I didn't even really have to talk to anyone at work, they just adjusted and in turn I've had a good work week. In addition to that, the student that was observing with our office for a few weeks has now been hired on full-time. I am very excited about this because I really like Jess and I think that they made an excellent decision. There are just too many things going on for the next year or so with so many of us at work and I think it will make everyone's life much easier to have another member on board. My body is still worn out at bit but I think it's probably just all part of being pregnant. I think that I will be tired from now on.... until all of my children are moved out and moved on anyway. :D I'm so excited to meet my daughter. I hate to wish time away but I really do wish it was July already! I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weekend that we have coming up. Next time I write will probably be from my new home.

Much love and many blessings,

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