Friday, January 28, 2011

new year resolutions

I'm a bit smug about New Year's Resolutions. I don't think I've ever made one... and if I did, I was like ten and have no recollection. Anyway, maybe I'm being negative, but I think they are a bit silly. Why do people feel that the need to start anew at the beginning of a year and then get all flustered and give up about a month in? If I recognize I need a change in my life, I start whenever it comes to my attention. If I modify things and they don't work out, I don't get all discouraged and feel like a failure. I just think the whole thing is odd. I guess I mentioned this because I saw the local YMCA parking lot PACKED OUT  for the first two weeks of this year and noticed yesterday that it wasn't nearly as full. Here's the smug part, not only did I notice, but I laughed. I guess that's less smug, more mean, but you get the idea.

This week has been so expensive and quite irritating. We have saved a good deal of money to finally buy Gary a new car, and then Tuesday morning, woke up to broken heating & air unit. Not only was it broken, it caught fire and caused some damage in our garage attic. We're really lucky, no blessed, that our home didn't go up in flames. That's the thing I am trying to stay focused on. Because it's the middle of winter and we have no heat. Well, that's no true, we have two space heaters and have made arrangements for the 3 of us accordingly. We aren't freezing and to be abundantly honest, we have had a great number of offers for housing through all the trouble. It is just frustrating for me to deal with our homeowners insurance because it isn't worth it for this particular problem. So, bye-bye to a new car and hello to a new heating & air unit. Yes, we'll have enough left over for a down payment on a vehicle, but we were hoping to squeeze by without a car payment.

An update about the therapist: so far, he seems to be exactly what I was hoping for. Of course, I've only been once, but our first conversation was mostly an overview of his techniques and what I'm hoping to achieve. And that conversation was already fruitful. The only downside is that he doesn't deal with insurance, so I'm paying out of pocket. It's ok, we have worked it into our budget, but I wish I was using some of the insurance we're paying for. :/ Oh well, this is a sacrifice I'm willing to make!


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