Sunday, February 21, 2010

So far, so good

I have read two new books this month, bought healthy foods, and remained consistent with my "to do" lists. I feel like I'm accomplishing goals and working toward an improved life.

My little girl will be 7 months next week.... TIME FLIES! She is so much fun and has so many great expressions and adventures. Although she can't crawl quite yet, she is on the verge and she cracks me up because she rolls and rolls and rolls until she can reach the things she wants that are out of her reach. She is a happy baby and I feel incredibly blessed. Everyone tells me not to expect this from all of my children, but I'm hopeful. When I say I'm hopeful, I don't mean I hope that all of my children are alike. I mean that I hope they are all good-natured and happy. I just want to provide my little loves with happiness.

Gary started an internship a few weeks ago and things are going very well. He really likes his boss and looks forward to learning a lot with this position. When he was given this internship, he was told that there would potentially be a full-time position created from it, so we definitely hope for that! The only downside is the drive but it seems completely worth it for him to be this happy. We also enjoy having a healthier income that is allowing us to pay off some of our debts. We have been living off of my paycheck for nearly two years and making it but saving basically nothing. We feel very blessed to both be working now. The best part is that we both really like our jobs.

On that note, let me preface this next comment by restating that I like my job. However, it breaks my heart to leave Lucy every day. I feel like I'm missing so much and I hate the guilt of it all. I miss her so much too! She is just such an incredible source of joy in my life that I hate leaving her. It literally hurts sometimes. To remedy this, we plan ultimately to live on Gary's income alone. Most likely this will take place when I have our second child... whenever that may be and once we've gotten rid of a significant amount of our debts. Thankfully, our tax return this year will pay off our only car payment and my student loans, which will make a huge dent in our debts.

I love to blog, to get things off my chest even if no one reads it. I love it!

Much love and many blessings,

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