Friday, February 25, 2011

i'm a professional

How very haughty of me to make such a statement! But it's true... I'm a professional at dealing with stress. I was born and bred to take everything that's thrown at me and just to keep on keepin' on. It is my nature to just do it. And so, I want to offer a tidbit of my infinite wisdom: it is NEVER as bad as it seems. Period. If you could just look at your situation in the context of the rest of the world, I'm going to say 99.999999999999...% of the time, someone has more stress, more heartache, more "bad luck." (On a side note, I think luck is a complete myth, but I'll shy away from that topic for tonight.) I find myself wigging out at the amount of schoolwork I've got to accomplish before Spring Break and for that matter, before the end of the semester. And then you pile on the INSANE rising gas prices, which are truly screwing up my budget. And most significantly, consider that my husband's family (and then in turn me) is dealing with an excruciating amount of loss with Nana's (and likely very soon her husband's) passing. And....and....and....BUT then I consider that even I have lived with harder times. And I KNOW I can name at least 30 other people off the top of my head, who have a much more stressful life. So, listen, don't stress! Trust me, I'm a professional.


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