Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another Christmas and celebrating various holidays

Happy Holidays friends! I have a very small rant about people that becoming hypersensitive to that statement. Let me clarify that I am a Christian and at our home, we celebrate Christmas. However, I feel that "Happy Holidays!" is a completely acceptable greeting for many reasons. First, it incorporates all our friends that celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply are not religious. There's no reason to get all bent out of shape that someone doesn't share you belief system. And what's this crap about taking the Christ out of Christmas? Xmas literally means Christmas! X was once Greek for Christ. Everyone get off your high horses!

Anyway, I didn't really intend to make an entire post ranting... School's out for a month! I am happy with my grades and looking forward to this being my last semester at community college. I figured I would take every possible class there that would transfer and save myself a few thousand dollars. Next semester is all online too but I'm going full-time again. I don't know that it was the smartest idea with Lucy but I'm sure my mom and my mother-in-law will be more than happy to help out. And I like that they had more online classes, but eventually I'll have to suck it up and drive downtown. The mommy group is doing well, but we've all been so busy with midterms, illness, holidays and traveling. I'm looking forward to spending time again with my new friends and Lucy really enjoys herself too. Sounds like nap time is over! Later friends!

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