Monday, August 25, 2008

raindrops are falling on my head

Good day ladies and gentlemen. It is a good day but also a sleepy day. I can't ever seem to control the yawning on rainy days such as these but I enjoy them from time to time. :) It amazes me that we are quickly approaching the end of August. This year I was really caught by surprise, moreso than ever before. I guess I've get caught up in the daily grind and miss a lot. The good news, possibly why this time of year is my favorite, is that my birthday is this week, and then on Saturday college football season starts!!!! I love football. I love autumn weather and football more than the average person. I can't explain it but let me convey that I am excited. :D

Thanks to our new subscription to the Times Free Press, I got a College Football '08 guide book with my paper yesterday. It has all the schedules and lots of articles to catch me up since I've been a complete slacker and have very little idea what's up with which teams. haha
My hubby is even a little excited this year.... maybe he sees how much fun football season is for me, who knows?!

I'll write more again soon but I promise not to make this a play-by-play blog about college football. I love it but I'm not into forcing anyone to read about it. :D

Much love and many blessings,

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