Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm relieved that it stopped raining yesterday and that we were able to get the rest of my stuff moved this weekend. I cannot describe the huge relief I feel for being done with the whole situation. I just hope I don't have to move for a couple of years. But with my track record, I'm sure there will be some reason for me to move in just a year or so. I told Gary today that I didn't want to move for a long time and that next time, regardless of the cost, I want to hire movers. It was nice to have lots of help with this move, but I just can't do as much myself, not with the way my back has been outta wack. I do not have all my things settled by any means, but I think I can get things mostly situated tomorrow. And I get to sleep in a real bed tonight, for the first time since Sunday!!! Oh the simple pleasures... I must sleep now, my body is exhausted. I'll write more soon about the ins and outs of my life. Much love and many blessings ~Cass

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